If you have any issue or doubt about your floor surface slipperiness, contact your local Authorized Dealer. Our Floor Safety Expert will come to you to assess your situation and will provide you with a complimentary Floor Safety Inspection Report, so you will know whether you have an issue. This is only just the beginning of our service and at all times you can be sure that our representative will have your best interest at heart.

Will we save money?
It will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places. At the home it prevents a serious slip injury to loved ones on slippery floors.

Can it be used in staff and customer areas?
Yes, An Anti-Slip floor surface will ensure that all of your staff, visitors and clients will have a safe and happy environment which in many cases will also increase productivity which may also increase customer Satisfaction.

How long do we need to stay off the floor?
More good news, there is Minimal or no disruption to your business / home during application in most cases.

How big is your organization?
When you are dealing with your local Floor Safety Representative, you are actually dealing with not a single person or company, but a member of our International Floor Safety Council (IFSC), which spans across continents and is growing on a daily basis.

What about regulations?
Assist managers, owners, and employers with compliance with relevant OH&S, WCB and other floor safety regulations, standards and acts such as Bill C-45.

What about the Warranty?
For Commercial clients it is not only a 2 year SSMP warranty but during that period of time you also will have our SSMP© floor safety risk management program supplied, at NO Additional Cost to You! Our WearMax and Safe Grip products carry a 3 year Commercial warranty against wear out, our Floor Tuff also carries a 2 year Warranty against wear out.

What kind of floor surfaces can your products be applied to?
Our Anti-Slip surface solutions are suitable for almost all work areas, including your office, entrances, factory floors, stairs, walking paths, workshops, canteens, restaurants, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms and change rooms, car parks, externally and internally. We can even make inside (Underwater) your swimming pools the stairs or ramps Anti-Slip. We have a solution not only for all of your slippery tiled surfaces, also for concrete, vinyl, wood, metallic, epoxy and polyurethane ones as well.



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