Multi Kleen  

WHAT MAKES "MULTI KLEEN™" An Advanced Environmentally Green, Biodegradable CLEANER OVER MOST OTHERS?

Multi Kleen™ has four main components to assist in all areas of commercial and residential cleaning and degreasing.

The raw materials are for the most part completely independent standalone items, but as a blend have a synergistic effect – i.e. they combine in new and innovative ways helping each other work more effectively.




A)  Specialized Surfactants (2)

Work at breaking down the greases and oils into uniform and small (head of a pin) size globules. When it has done that, the surfactant surrounds the soil with a thin film that repels other globules, thereby not allowing the grease or oil to recombine into a large mass. This makes it easier for the water to rinse away the soil and not allow it to redeposit on the surface.

B)  Sequesterant

This is a water softener that ties up the water minerals so they will not interfere with the action of the other raw materials.

C)  Organic Solvents

This helps to soften hard greases and oils that may have hardened due to age or temperature. The softer surfaces are more receptive to the actions of the other raw materials.

D)  Alkalis (2)

These additions work by converting the major components of greases and oils (fatty acids) into forms of soaps; thereby, creating another cleaning agent and by converting a water insoluble soil into a water soluble cleaner.



With all these different components, Tile Safe Products has created a superior cleaner with an ability to clean a greater number of soil types, while still being environmentally friendly

This product complies with all regulations as recommended
Green Seal and Environmental Choice.



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