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WearMax™ is a space age, next generation waterborne, low VOC, clear anti-slip protective coating system which provides a tough hard wearing and long lasting non slip surface. It cures to provide a surface which is tough, abrasion resistant, a superior wear resistance, superior scratch resistance excellent slip resistance as well as low maintenance and very good chemical and stain resistance.





........   The WearMax™ floor coatings have a patented technology that provide a floor finish that will look good for years. WearMax technology is a coating system that prevents you from walking on the floor finish. All WearMax Ceramic finishes are designed to contain 120,000,000 + ceramic particles per square metre after applying WearMax Professional. 

The WearMax Technology allows these particles to protrude through the final surface. These ceramic particles are what you walk on - not the floor finish.

WearMax™ coating systems have been designed to provide a good looking, very hard wearing, slip resistant floor and protective coating for internal areas with low to very heavy pedestrian traffic.  



Technical Description

The WearMax™ Professsional consists of three different components:

1. Primer (adhesion primer)
2. Armor (ceramic coating)
Shield (coating varnish)

WearMax™ consists of a 3-layer varnishing system. This new type of varnishing system is suitable for PVC, linoleum,rubber, epoxy resin coatings and painted surfaces. All materials are based on a combination of self-connecting acrylate and polyurethane dispersions, mixed with various flotation agents and the usual additives such as anti-foaming, co-solvent, waxing and matting agents.

1. WearMax™  Professional Primer is specially formulated to guarantee adhesion to the surfaces listed above.

2. WearMax™  Professional Armor is the actual ceramic layer. The ceramic used possesses a hardness of 9.2 – 9.4 (natural diamond = 10). The entire system has been formulated in such a way that the added ceramic grains project out of the top layer and create extremely hard and durable protection against mechanical wear and tear. As a result of the density and homogeneous distribution of the ceramic particles within the ceramic coating, excellent protection of the actual varnish surface is achieved. This means that the actual varnish surface only begins to be trodden on and wears after the ceramic particles have worn away. Moreover, the fine roughening of the surface leads to very good slip resistance.

3. WearMax™ Professional Shield represents the coating varnish which produces the required sheen and protects the ceramic from dirt. This material possesses good resistance to chemicals. By adding Clean Plus, the chemical resistance is substantially increased, resulting in very good resistance to solvents, acids and alkalis.




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